Location: Jade Swamp and Serpent Swamp

Evolution: T-Rex

Likes: Steak

Antagonist: Hydra

Item Dropped: Velociraptor Egg

Stunt: Mangle - Every normal attack from the Velociraptor will bring a “Mangle”effect on its target. The effect will reduce the target's attack power (reduction = Lvl*2) and will last for 5 rounds. “Mangle”is a stat reducing effect.

AP Spell: Big Help - When a Velociraptor is in danger, it will summon its elder to help. Then a huge dragon foot will appear and attack its enemies.



Location: Gloomy Cave in the Swamp of Sunset

Evolved From: Velociraptor

Likes: Fried Steak

Antagonist: Two-headed Lizard

Item Dropped: Huge Rib

Stunt: Fatal Strike - With each attack( not include Wild Fury), T-Rex has a 20% chance of increasing the damage to its target by 100% with “Fatal Strike”. If that attack is critical, the damage will be further enhanced.

AP Spell: Big Gulp - When facing multiple enemies, the T-Rex will enlarge its head and then bite its enemies.