Location: Volcano of the Dragons

Evolution: Cursed Unicorn

Likes: Roast Lobster Tail and Pineapple

Antagonist: Demonized Statue

Item Dropped: Pure White Horn

Stunt: Dispel - The Unicorn will remove 1 BUFF from its target with every attack.

AP Spell: Meteor Shower - When a Unicorn gets angry, it will call down an awe-inspiring meteor shower to attack.


Cursed Unicorn

Location: Welkin City

Evolved From: Unicorn

Likes: Strange Corn Soup

Antagonist: Mystic Dummy

Item Dropped: -

Stunt: Agony - Grants a 50% chance to curse a target with agonizing pain when causing damage to the target, reducing the target's health by LVl*3 per round and forcing the target to deal minimum damage for 5 rounds. The agonizing pain will be passed to one of the target's teammates each round.

AP Spell: Evil Darkness - Cursed Unicorns can call down darkness, forcing their enemies to suffer in darkness and become terrified.