Location: Dark Forest

Evolution: Elder Treant

Likes: Milk

Antagonist: Boarman

Item Dropped: Fresh Apple

Stunt: Drain Health - Treants will recover HP (recovery = Lvl*2) in every round of combat. Drain Health cannot be removed

AP Spell: Log Strike - When a Treant gets angry, it will throw huge tree trunks at its enemies.


Elder Treant

Location: Popu Icefield

Evolved From: Treant

Likes: Beryl

Antagonist: Boarman Sorcerer

Item Dropped: Colorful Mushroom

Stunt: Stone Skin - Whenever the Elder Treant comes under melee attack (including melee spells), it has a 60% chance of reflecting the attack. Damage from the reflection will be 50% of the damage received.

AP Spell: Mystic Fists - When an Elder Treant gets angry, it will summon Mystic Fists to attack enemies.