Location: Hindal

Evolution: Sabre-toothed Tiger

Likes: Rabbit

Antagonist: Elephant

Item Dropped: Tender Tiger Meat

Stunt: Double Down - When attacking physically, the Tiger has a 20% chance of attacking the same target twice with normal physical attack in the same round.

AP Spell: Claw Slash - When a tiger gets angry, it will extend its claws and then attack a group of enemies.


Sabre-toothed Tiger

Location: Elsranden and Woodon Coast

Evolved From: Tiger

Likes: Cucumber Chips

Antagonist: Mammoth

Item Dropped: Tiger Loin

Stunt: Devour - Sabre-toothed Tiger convert 20% of all damage it deals on its target into HP.

AP Spell: Roar - When a Sabre-toothed Tiger gets angry, it will roar at enemies to scare them off.