Snow Demon

Location: Elsranden

Evolution: Snowbeast Lord

Likes: Pork Jerky

Antagonist: Mintour

Item Dropped: Snow Demon's Claw

Stunt: Horrific Strike - Snow Demons have a 30% chance of causing the target to go into a “Scare” state with every attack.

AP Spell: Avalanche - When a Snow Demon gets angry, it will roar towards the sky and call down an avalanche on its enemies.


Snowbeast Lord

Location: Woodon Coast

Evolved From: Snow Demon

Likes: Roasted Mixed Meat Ball

Antagonist: Minotaur Fighter

Item Dropped: Fat Meat

Stunt: Ice Mastery - Whenever Snowbeast Lords cast a magical water attack, the magical damage dealt will increase by 30%. Every normal physical attack will be enhanced by water damage (damage = Lvl*2).

AP Spell: Snow Lord's Fury - When the Snow Lord gets angry, it will attack enemies with a horrific cannon.