Location: Serpent Swamp

Evolution: Snakemen Priest

Likes: Savory Cream

Antagonist: Harpy

Item Dropped: Clam

Stunt: Venomous Blade - Snakemen are immune to Poison. Every Snakeman's attack will have a 30% chance of inducing the “Venomous Blade”effect. Affected targets will receive damage to their HP and MP (damage = Lvl*2) every round for 5 rounds.Venomous Blade is a durative damage effect.

AP Spell: Shock - When a Snakeman gets angry, it will call down lightning to attack its enemies.


Snakemen Priest

Location: Shadowry Altar in Swamp of Sunset

Evolved From: Snakeman

Likes: Fried Chrysalis Cake

Antagonist:Thunder Harpy

Item Dropped: Savory Clam

Stunt: Venomous Slash - Snakeman Priest's are immune to poison. Each target that a Snakeman Priest kills will release poison from its corpse. The poison will randomly damage 3 targets in that party (damage= Lv1*10).

AP Spell: Staff Sweep - When a Snakeman Priest gets angry, it will enlarge its staff and then sweep its enemies away.