Location: Begal Valley

Evolution: Bell Butterfly

Likes: Peppermint

Antagonist: Jack Rabbit

Item Dropped: Insect Egg

Stunt: Feign Death - Slashworm has 50% chance of avoiding one hit KO. Damage over time attacks are unaffected by this. Each damage from combo attacks is treated as an individual blow.

AP Spell: Slashworm Stampede - When the slashworm gets angry, the rune over its head will shine, summoning a stampede of slashworms to charge its enemies.


Bell Butterfly

Location: Criti Timberland

Evolved From: Slashworm

Likes: Sugar Cookies

Antagonist: Grim Demon

Item Dropped: Chrysalis

Stunt: Blinding Light - With each normal physical strike, Bell Butterfly has a 50% chance of inducing “Blind”effect on its target. Blinded targets will see their accuracy reduced by 50% for 5 rounds. “Blind”is a stat reduction effect.

AP Spell: Toxic Smog - When a Bell Butterfly gets angry, it will release a strange explosive powder.