Location: Goblin Den

Evolution: Skeletal Archers

Likes: Linen Cloth

Antagonist: Gargoyle

Item Dropped: -

Stunt: Living Death - Skeletons are immune to ranged physical damage.

AP Spell: Shock Strike - When a Skeleton gets angry, devices on its head and hands will attract lightning to strike groups of enemies.


Skeletal Archer

Location: Alami's Home and Wind Altar

Evolved From: Skeleton

Likes: Silk

Antagonist: Elder Gargoyle

Item Dropped: -

Stunt: Power of Living Death - Skeletal Archers are immune to ranged attacks and will see a 20% increase in ranged physical attack damage.

AP Spell: Lethal Volley - When a Skeletal Archer finds the enemies' weak point, it will fire a volley of arrows to attack them.