Location: Emerald Lake

Evolution: Wyvern

Likes: Gryphon's Wing

Antagonist: Gryphon

Item Dropped: Pterosaur Meat

Stunt: Silent Scream - Every time Pterosaur deals an attack, it has a 30% chance of casting “silence”on its target. Silence will continue for 3 rounds.

AP Spell: Sonic Wave - When a Pterosaur senses something is wrong, it will emit a sonic wave to attack.



Location: Brisde and Serpent Swamp

Evolved From: Pterosaur

Likes: Roasted Gryphon Wing

Antagonist: Plumed Gryphon

Item Dropped: Succulent Wing

Stunt: Venomous Sting - Wyverns are immune to poison. With every attack, Wyvern has a 50% chance of inducing the “Venomous Sting”effect on its target. Affected targets will become immune to all healing spells, stunts and food for 5 rounds.

AP Spell: Fiery Blade - When a Wyvern gets angry, it will summon a fiery disc to attack its enemies.