Location: Ogre Village in the Badlands

Evolution: Ogre Mage

Likes: Truffle Soup

Antagonist: Mechanical Guardian

Item Dropped: Antcomb

Stunt: Stun - Each time the Ogre attacks, it has a 50% chance of stunning its target. “Stun”has the same effect as Hypnotize but cannot be removed by magic. The effect will last for 1 round.

AP Spell: Fury Chop - When an ogre gets angry, it will swing its mighty broadsword in its hands to attack.


Ogre Mage

Location: Horrific Village in Badlands

Evolved From: Ogre

Likes: Desert Flavored Sausage

Antagonist: Fighting Loricae

Item Dropped: Camel Steak

Stunt: Fire Mastery - Whenever Ogre Mages attacks, its magic damage will increase by 30%. Its normal physical attack is enhanced with fire damage (damage =Lvl*2).

AP Spell: Soul Slam - When an Ogre Mage is in a bad mood, it will summon a huge skeleton to attack.