Location: Delga Plains

Evolution: Mold Man

Likes: Lemon Juice

Antagonist: Goblin

Item Dropped: Yellow Mushroom

Stunt: Stat Boost - From the second round of combat on, Mushrooms gain a 5% (5% of the original stats) increase in all base stats for every round. This effect can be removed. This bonus will stop when the stat values reach 50% of the original stats. If a Mushroom is revived during combat, effect from Stat Boost starts from 0 again.

AP Spell: Spore Blast - When the mushroom gets angry, it will blast explosive spores at enemies.


Mold Man

Location: Delga Plains

Evolved From: Mushroom

Likes: Potato Chips

Antagonist: Rogue Goblin

Item Dropped: Pomegranate Seeds

Stunt: Mystic Energy - Mold Man restores its mana (restoration = Lvl*1) during every round of combat. This effect cannot be removed.

AP Spell: Mushroom Missiles - When a Mold Man gets angry, it will launch mushroom missiles at groups of enemies.