Location: Clearspring Sandbank

Evolution: Royal Mummy

Likes: Runecloth

Antagonist: Mermaids

Item Dropped: -

Stunt: Curse - Every attack from the Mummy will bring about a “Curse”effect on its target. The effect is similar to the spell Curse and lasts for 5 rounds. The effect can be removed.

AP Spell: Eternal Guardians - Mummies can use the pharaoh's curse to summon huge demons to fight their enemies.


Royal Mummy

Location: Demonic Hollow

Evolved From: Mummy

Likes: Ruby

Antagonist: Mermaid Princess

Item Dropped: -

Stunt: Curse of Agony - With every attack, the Royal Mummy puts its target under the “Curse of Agony”effect. This effect will reduce all stats of the affected target (reduction=Lvl) and cause it to do minimal damage for 5 rounds.

AP Spell: Graveyard Smash - When a Royal Mummy gets angry, it will summon a huge tombstone to smash its enemies.