Location: Minotaur Maze

Evolution: Minotaur Fighter

Likes: Savory Meat Balls

Antagonist: Snow Demon

Item Dropped: Tender Beef

Stunt: Magic Mirror - Every time the Minotaur receives damage from magical attacks, it has a 40% chance of reflecting the damage taken to its caster. However, durative damage cannot be reflected. The damage reflected cannot exceed 30% of the caster's remaining health.

AP Spell: Totem - When a Minotaur gets angry, the totem from its shield will be summoned to attack its enemies.


Minotaur fighter

Location: Minotaur Maze

Evolved From: Minotaur

Likes: Bloody Barbecue

Antagonist: Snowbeast Lord

Item Dropped: Steak

Stunt: Combo Strike - With every normal physical attack, Minotaur Fighters have a 50% chance of attacking the same target twice in the same round.

AP Spell: Cannon Strike - When a Minotaur gets angry, it will use a cannon to shoot at enemies.