Jack Rabbit

Location: Begal Valley

Evolution: Grim Demons

Likes: Carrots

Antagonist: Slashworm

Item Dropped: Rabbit Meat

Stunt: Blessing - Jack Rabbit will cast Blessing randomly on a friendly character (including the pet itself but excluding puppets), enabling it to deal maximum damage, which will last for 5 rounds during each round of combat.

AP Spell: Radish Bomb - Watch out for the Jack Rabbit's Radish Bomb. When it's angry it will throw a huge radish at its enemies.


Grim Demon

Location: Hindal

Evolved From: Jack Rabbits

Likes: Mint Chips

Antagonist: Bell Butterfly

Item Dropped: Carrot

Stunt: Eternal Blessing - Grim Demons will cause maximum damage to their target. Similar to “Blessing”, its effect cannot be removed. Eternal Blessing also makes Grim Demon immune against “Curse”, “Curse of Agony” and “Agony”.

AP Spell: Ear Raid - When a Grim Demon gets angry, it will use its huge ears to slice at enemies in the air.