Location: Snakemen Village

Evolution: Two-Headed Lizards

Likes: Truffles

Antagonist: Velociraptor

Item Dropped: Lizard Tail

Stunt: Multi Strike - Grants a common attack, non AOE physical attack or non AOE spell attack a 30% chance to attack twice but the second attack will only deal 50% of the damage dealt by the first attack, while the third attack will only deal 50% of the damage dealt by the second attack. This won't be triggered when there is only 1 enemy remaining.

AP Spell: Miasma Spout - When a Hydra gets angry, it will gather a poisonous miasma on its back and then send it flowing towards its enemies.


Two-Headed Lizards

Location: Gloomy Cave and Sunset Coast

Evolved From: Hydra

Likes: Savory Smoked Meat

Antagonist: T-Rex

Item Dropped: Lizard Meat

Stunt: Fire and Ice - Increases damage of fire spells and water spells by 15%. Enables physical attacks to deal Level*1 fire damage and water damage.

AP Spell: Primordeal Rage - When a Two-headed Lizard gets angry, it will summon a vicious snowstorm and magma to attack.