Huge Beetle

Location: Clearspring Sandbank

Evolution: Umber Urchins

Likes: Huge Egg

Antagonist: Treasure Chest Devil

Item Dropped: Huge Insect Egg

Stunt: Expose Armor - Huge Beetles bring about a “Crack Armor” effect on its target with each attack. Affected target's defense will be lowered (reduction = Lvl*2) and the effect will last for 5 rounds. “Crack Armor” is a stats reduction effect.

AP Spell: Pincer Strike - When a Huge Beetle swings its pincers heavily, a pair of huge pincers will appear and attack.


Umber Urchin

Location: Badlands

Evolved From: Huge Beetles

Likes: Fried Lizard Tail

Antagonist: Diamond Chest Devil

Item Dropped: Big Pincers

Stunt: Mind Twist - With every attack, Umber Urchin's have a 30% chance of putting their target in a “Confuse” state. This effect will last for 3 rounds.

AP Spell: Laser Strike - When an Umber Urchin gets angry, it will emit huge laser beams to attack its enemies.