Location: Emerald Lake and Vampires Castle

Evolution: Thunder Harpy

Likes: Flavored Chrysalis

Antagonist: Snakeman

Item Dropped: Honeycomb

Stunt: Wind Mastery - Harpy's enjoys a 30% increase in magical damage every time they cast a magical wind attack.

AP Spell: Feather Storm - When a Harpy gets angry, it will fire volleys of lethal sharp feathers at its enemies.


Thunder Harpy

Location: Vampires Castle

Evolved From: Harpy

Likes: Jade

Antagonist: Snakeman Priest

Item Dropped: Ashine Mushroom

Stunt: Mastery of Nature - Thunder Harpy is immune to silence. Whenever it casts a wind magical attack, its magical damage is increased by 30%.

AP Spell: Thunder Strike - When a Thunder Harpy gets angry, it will call down thunder to attack its enemies.