Location: Gryphon Lair

Evolution: Plumed Gryphon

Likes: Elephant Nose

Antagonist: Pterosaur

Item Dropped: Gryphon's Wing

Stunt: Counterattack - Gryphons can shield a random friendly entity, resisting damage once within 5 rounds. The shield can be removed by Diffuse or Dispel spell.

AP Spell: Swoop - When a gryphon spots its prey, it will swoop down swiftly, causing a devastating windstorm for enemies nearby.


Plumed Gryphon

Location: Gryphon Lair

Evolved From: Gryphon

Likes: Fire Agate

Antagonist: Wyvern

Item Dropped: Huge Egg

Stunt: Reflected Rage - Grants a 20% chance to remove the harmful effect inflicted.

AP Spell: Divine Swoop - A Plumed Gryphon swoops much swifter than a common gryphon.