Location: Goblin Den

Evolution: Rogue Goblin

Likes: Mushrooms

Antagonist: Mushroom

Item Dropped: Wheat

Stunt: Tendon Slash - Every time the Golin induces damage on its target, it will be accompanied by effect “Tendon Slash”. Target's Speed will be reduced (reduction = Lvl*2) for 5 rounds.

AP Spell: Stick Strike - When a Goblin gets angry, it will throw a wooden stick which will increase in size until it can attack a group of enemies.


Rogue Goblin

Location: War Ruins

Evolved From: Goblin

Likes: Peach Pie

Antagonist: Mold Man

Item Dropped: Potato

Stunt: Sneak Attack - Rogue Goblin's are unaffected by counter or reflection effects. At the same time, Rogue Goblin's physical attack will increase by 15%.

AP Spell: Crazed Strike - When a Rogue Goblin gets angry, it will swiftly attack up to 10 enemies at the same time.