Fire Bird

Location: Volcano of the Dragons

Evolution: Phoenix

Likes: Golden Strange Flavored Snack

Antagonist: Dream Elf

Item Dropped: Fiery Ash

Stunt: Fire Ward - Whenever a Firebird is attacked with magical fire damage, it will recover its HP. This is similar to a healing effect. The Fire Ward effect is permanent. It causes damage to those that use physical melee attacks as well as physical spells (damage=Lvl*2). This effect is similar to “Flaming Armor” but cannot be removed.

AP Spell: Hellfire - When a Firebird gets angry, it will summon searing hellfire to attack.



Location: Palace of Desire and Palace of Sacrifice

Evolved From: Fire Bird

Likes: Strange T-Bone Steak

Antagonist: Elder Dream Elf

Item Dropped: -

Stunt: Resurrection - Whenever the Phoenix comes under fire from magical attacks, it will recover its HP. This is similar to a healing effect. When the Phoenix is defeated, it will cause fire damage to all hostile targets (damage=100+Lvl*5) and transform into an egg. If the egg is not destroyed before its turn, the Phoenix will be resurrected with full HP and MP. The egg's existence is similar to that of a puppet.

AP Spell: Dying Light - When a phoenix gets angry, it will call down beams of holy light to attack its enemies.