Location: Popu Icefield

Evolution: Mammoth

Likes: Potato

Antagonist: Tiger

Item Dropped: Elephant Ear

Stunt: First Blood - With every attack, Elephant has a 30% chance of causing its target to “Bleed”. Target will lose HP (loss = Lvl*3) each round for 5 rounds. Bleed is a type of durative damage effect.

AP Spell: Cursed Sigil - When an elephant gets angry, it will cast Cursed Sigils, causing very high water damage.



Location: Elsranden

Evolved From: Elephant

Likes: Honey Apple

Antagonist: Sabre-toothed Tiger

Item Dropped: Elephant Nose

Stunt: Stomp - With every normal physical attack, the Mammoth has a 50% chance of triggering “Stomp”. Similar to “Stabbing Strike”, Stomp will attack all targets in the same row. Once Stomp is triggered, it will replace normal physical attacks for that round.

AP Spell: Super Stomp - When a mammoth gets angry, it will stomp the ground, causing rocks to fall on its enemies.