Dream Elf

Location: Vertiginous Curse

Evolution: Boarman Sorcerer

Likes: Pineapple Juice

Antagonist: Firebird

Item Dropped: Blinking Scale

Stunt: Vertiginous Curse - Dream Elves are immune to hypnotize. With each attack, they have a 30% chance of “hypnotizing” their target. The effect will last for 3 rounds. Equipped stunts and pet spells can enhance and counter this effect.

AP Spell: Shadow Strike - When a Dream Elf gets angry, it will summon a huge shadowy creature to attack.


Elder Dream Elf

Location: Volcano of the Dragons

Evolved From: Dream Elf

Likes: Lemon Tea

Antagonist: Phoenix

Item Dropped: -

Stunt: Mystic Willpower - Grants immunity to hypnosis effects. Also grants a 60% chance to remove hypnosis, confusion, scare and silence effects from one random ally each round when cast.

AP Spell: Star Burst - When a Elder Dream Elf gets angry, it will vomit innumerous explosive stars at enemies.