Location: Popu Icefield

Evolution: Boarman Sorcerer

Likes: Rabbit Sandwich

Antagonist: Treant

Item Dropped: Pork Chop

Stunt: Berserk - During combat, Boarmen have a 30% chance of entering “Berserk”mode. In Bersek mode, its physical attack will increase by 100% and it's immune to Scare, Confuse and Hypnotize effects. However, physical damage received in this mode increases by 30% as well. Players will have no control over Boarmen in Berserk mode. It will deal normal physical damage to a random hostile target. Berserk cannot be removed and lasts for 3 rounds.

AP Spell: Trample - When a Boarman gets angry, it will trample the ground to generate a sandstorm to attack enemies.


Boarman Sorcerer

Location: Frosty Wooden Coast

Evolved From: Boarman

Likes: Colorful Mushroom Soup

Antagonist: Elder Treant

Item Dropped: Large Intestine

Stunt: Restoration - When Boarman Sorcerer casts mana restoring spells, the life of the spell will be extended for 2 more rounds.

AP Spell: Firefall - When a Boarman Sorcerer gets angry, it will call down fire to burn its enemies.