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World Of Altis Gates

World Of Altis Gates

Diversified World Of Magic

Altis Gates begins from the Golden Age of Altis City, continuing through the Silver Age, and finally into the Bronze Age, when the races of Elves and Men were born. Three hundred years after the end of the Bronze Age, two important events heralded the beginning of a dark and chaotic new age – the birth of a new race, the Borg, and the awakening of a huge and terrible dragon. With his kingdom in peril and all signs portending doom, the King of Altis has sent out a call to the strongest fighters of the realm to join the fight.

Are you brave enough to fight the faces of evil and make way for a everlasting future of our 'Atlantis'?


The Great War

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The Decision

Background Story

At the dawn of time, the divine goddess of light, Crosis, and the mystic goddess of darkness, Croni, created this world. Elements of wind, fire, water and earth churned and resonated in the chaotic undercurrent of the abyss.

Slowly land masses began taking shape. The sky and ocean revealed their outlines. Stars emerged from the opaque darkness. Glorious dragons began traversing the new continents, while the contemptuous Gaea Giants looked upon all life with disdain.

The prelude to the Great War spanned a hundred centuries.

In a time long forgotten, mankind's influence was apparent in every corner of the world, while the ambrosial elves confined themselves to their secluded home. In the hands of these two races, science and magic flourished to their peaks.

Sadly, along with prosperity came the conflict of cultures and interests. The Great War raged for 300 years. Heroes were made and then destroyed. Countless legends would gain immortality, frozen in the pages of history, but their shadows were buried in the ruins of time.

From the ashes of despair, a new race was born. The river of blood finally ceased its flood, but misery and pain held no bounds. When the war was finally over, all that remained were the graves erected on Delga's Plains.

The wheel of time pauses for no one. A new era has begun. The dragons have awoken. The Gaea Ruins conceal terrible truths.

A new hero begins a new voyage among frosty glaciers and a fiery blaze. Mortal flesh meets warring mace in the struggle for survival and against impending death. All these things are mere chapters of a new legend in the making.

Among the growing membership of the Adventurer Association, in the wry grins at the Altis CoC, or dancing with the candlelight of the vibrant taverns of Hindal, the curtains of history have been drawn aside to reveal new stories that will fill its pages, but whose lurking eyes are watching from the shadows?

From the depths on the horizon the stars of Gemini remain unstirred. Dazzling lights from Odin's Sanctuary illuminate the night.

What do you want to be? A hero? Someone guided by a set of principles and beliefs, unwilling to go with the flow? Will you take the leading role or become a member of the troop on the stage of adventure? Will you direct your own actions and dictate your own choices?

If this is what you seek to become, then welcome to Altis Gates. Our world awaits you.

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