AG warrior3

Warrior Classification

Warrior is a class generally related to high strength, physical defense and a high Hp when compared to mages. They can be very powerful even with their normal attacks.

It consists of 6 sub-types altogether.


The 1st sub-type classification consists of Gladiator and Combatant. Either one of these can be chosen by the players when they reach level 40, provided they are of warrior class.

The 2nd sub-type classification for the Gladiator sub-type consists of Swordsman and Berserker. One of this can be chose by the player when they reach level 80 provided they chose Gladiator during the 1st sub-type classification.

The other 2nd sub-type is for the Combatant sub-type. It consists of Mechanic and Gunner, from which the players can chose any one when they reach level 80 with Magic Armor Warrior sub-type.