For the 1st time in gaming history the developers of AG have introduced an amazing new feature of "Shape-shifting at your will". Through this, the players at their free will, have a right to shape-shift into many different forms such as phoenix, unicorn, NPCs and others forms available in game.

Character Shape-shifting

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Shape-shifting Card

While fighting computer-controlled enemies in the wilderness, players have the chance to loot shape-shifting cards that let them assume the appearance of the specified creature while also benefiting from a double experience bonus for 10 minutes. Currently 60 Shape-shifting Cards are available, and thus players can mimic 60 creatures.

Shape-shifting Potions

This option allows characters to assume the appearance of certain NPCs. An in-game quest rewards a shape-shifting Potion, which on use shape-shifts the player into a small cute duck like NPC called Tracy. They can resume their original form by using a Reversion Potion obtained on the same quest.

Shape-shifting Class

Neither of the above options can be used during battle. But the new type of class, Berserker, can shape-shift during battles into tiger, bear or cheetah forms.

Shape-shifting Merchants

While selling items, players can shape-shift themselves into a cute miniature snowman, which gives them the chance to add some fun to the activity of selling one's spare items.

Pet Shape-shifting

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Pet Types

Pets can also be customized using 60 different pet shapes, 42 character types, 9 talent types, plus stat points to create a unique pet unlike any other.

Evolution Crystal

Evolution crystal can be fed to the pets to change pet's shape.

Evolution Trail

This is Quest based. It can be done at any stage of the pet.
Condition: The pet's amity towards the player must be at 3 big hearts. The Pet must also be lvl 40 before can change.
Talk to the pet when its amity is at 3 big hearts to trigger the event where the pet speaks of its desire to evolve.
Talk to the pet to trigger an event.
Player can initiate the evolution trial by choosing the first option. As a test, the pet cub will have to battle against its evolved image which is at the same level as the player. It would be wise to ensure that the level gap between the pet cub and the player is not too wide before engaging the trial.
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Pet Evolution

During the trial, if the pet cub is defeated, or the player switches to another pet or form a party, the pet cub would be deemed to have failed the trial of evolution. However, a pet cub can take the trial as many times as it wants until it successfully evolved. Players can choose to get more experience before going for the trial again.
If the pet cub successfully completes the trial, it will evolve.