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Mage Classification

Mage is a magic based class. These characters are very powerful at higher levels. They are generally said to be comparatively more powerful than warrior class. They have significant high magical strength, magical defense and higher Sp than warriors.

The Mage class is subdivided into 6 sub-types.

White Mage
Black Mage

Just like the warrior types, the mage sub-types can be chosen by players when they reach certain levels.

The 1st sub-type classification includes White Mage and Black Mage. One of this can be selected by mage players at level 40.

In the 2nd sub-type classification the White Mages can become either Priest or Necromancer when they reach level 80. And the Black Mages in turn can either chose to become a Shaman or a Wizzard after reaching level 80.