Altis Gates graphic platform uses arithmetic of randomly generated particles and technology capable of rendering unique silk-shaped particles. With this, the graphical effects produced are more detailed and are shown in areas like smoke curling up from kitchen chimneys, glowing magical artifacts, undulating waves and revolving windmills. In addition, with the particle effects, simulation of natural phenomena, physical phenomena and even twisted space is possible.

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EPARCH 2D engine was used to produce detailed, eye-catching graphics. It has advanced 3D real-time dynamic rendering technology based on the 2D engine. The real-time rendering technology allows us to take a snapshot of the range to render and calculate the impact to an object from the lamp-houses within the range and finally produce the graphic effects for the game by using "beam tracking" technology. With the help of these, the game has graphics with light and shadow using advanced skills that are usually associated with producing the 3D special display effects for movies. Real-time rendering technology, beam tracking, special lamp-house effects and advanced engines make the graphics of Altis Gates intricate, stunning and downright beautiful.

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